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Email me for info, scheduling an event, ordering stickers* or even just to tell me what you’re grateful for:

Also if you’d like to support the movement and help keep the gratitude flowing, feel free to make a donation:
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*suggested donation for 10 stickers is $2 – $5

  1. Kimm permalink

    ❤️️u and what u do!

  2. francis doran permalink

    I have a Be Grateful sticker on my refridgerator door and oftenover look it….but the other day going for a jug of milk……I suddenly saw it and it made me grateful for so much in my life…it was a great way to start a day. FBD

  3. Nicole Hefner permalink

    I was raised to believe in giving to the universe what you would like in return. I was raised to be kind and always find the positive NO MATTER WHAT! Today I raise my children to give to the universe what they would like in return and be kind no matter what. I am in love with the energy the “be grateful project” gives. Always grateful always kind. Thank you!
    Nicole Hefner

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