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May 20, 2013

Yesterday was Bay to Breakers. That’s the event I went to in 2007 that lead to me getting drunk and stranded and locked out and falling off a balcony. Which if you read here, you’ll see is also what started this blog and movement.

Today this article surfaced on my Facebook feed: Bay to Breakers: Man dies after fall from apartment building roof.

My heart hurt so much reading that, thinking of his family. He went out for a fun day in San Francisco and will never go home again. He was doing what everyone else was doing, and he died. Like I came so close to doing.

Tonight my friend (who was with me the day I fell off the balcony) texted me about it, saying how crazy it was that someone fell during Bay to Breakers and died. She said “I wish he would have known your story.”

When she said that the entire picture shifted for me. I’m always saying “be grateful” and focusing on ways people should be grateful when things work out well in spite of negative circumstances, even (and especially) when “work out well” may only mean that you’re still breathing.

But what about the other perspective we can gain from my story? One of caution and safety. One of remembering we aren’t invincible and that life is not to be taken for granted.

I don’t want anyone (especially myself) to live in a constant state of fear, but let’s all take a minute to remember that our bodies are all we have to carry us through this world. Let’s be careful with them and take good care.

Be grateful for your body and your health, but don’t forget to be CAREFUL with it please.

Tonight I’m grateful for Amy, who was my absolute rock during my recovery and who brought me this beautiful perspective tonight. I love you!

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  1. I agree with the spirit of what you write. I want to offer an observation that there is a lot of space within the spectrum between “be afraid” and “be stupid”. One could argue that drunken revelry on a rooftop is getting pretty close to the latter.
    I say this because I think that many folks are a little too careful. Too stingy in the way that they love, for fear of being hurt; too lethargic and indoors for fear of insects or stubbing a toe; too conservative in their food choices because of the tiny chance of disease or indigestion.
    Careful may not be the answer.
    Not being stupid is probably always a good idea.

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it.

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