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Karma is real

October 5, 2013

Tonight I decided to order delivery for dinner because somedays, you just don’t want to leave the house.

I ordered it from Beautifull in Laurel Heights through  It’s a Saturday night, 7:30pm, so I expected it to take a while.  My email confirmation said 60-90 minutes so I kept on “puzzling,”* as my roommate would say, and only started looking at the time about 60 minutes later.

At about 75 minutes I chatted the online support thing just to be sure (I have been burned and gone to bed hungry once before) and they said  my food would be here in 15 minutes.  Perfect.

Then maybe 5 minutes after that, I get a call from an unknown number and it’s this perky, high-energy fella saying “Hi! This is Aaron with your Beautiful delivery” and proceeds to apologize for the wait and explain they had a bit of an issue with a previous delivery, etc etc etc.  I told him it was no problem at all, thanked him for the phone call, and clued him in on the best way to get here from Masonic.

I had already left a 20% tip on my credit card when I placed the order, but because Aaron took the time to call my cell phone from his cell phone to give me an update on my food (that he was driving to me and would carry straight to my front door!) on what I can imagine had already been a busy and stressful night, I decided I was also going to give him the $6 in cash I had when he got here.

When the buzzer finally rang, I opened my door to a smiling larger guy, completely out of breath (I live on the third floor).  He hands me my food and I hand him the cash, explaining that I’d already tipped them but that because of how awesome he was, I wanted to give him more.  He was speechless and grateful.  So speechless he almost walked away before telling me he put an extra meal in my bag because someone made it by mistake and he thought, “why not?”

“Ah ha!” I said, “see, everything works out for everyone!”

Aaron was considerate and thoughtful, I was patient and appreciative.  And because of that energy loop we created, we both walked away from a potentially negative and upsetting situation with a warm fuzzy feeling that everything was happening just as it should be.**

I’m grateful for my Karma, which just happens to be written on the necklace I’m wearing right now.. which I’m also very grateful for as well.

photo (53)

*”Puzzling” refers to when you are sitting on the floor of your living room for hours working on an impossible puzzle and enjoying every minute of it.
**k it’s kind of an assumption on my part that he felt that too.. but come on, he probably did.

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