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Better than this?!

December 28, 2013

Each time you find yourself in complete awe of your life, try this little trick.  Sit still for a second and ask out loud (to no one in particular), “How could it ever get better than this?”*

Eventually you’ll forget that you asked the question, but then something new will happen and you’ll realize – the Universe just answered it. All of a sudden, that blissful feeling which you thought couldn’t possibly be topped – had been topped!

8 years ago I was sitting at the edge of the world on a dark and cloudy day at the Cliffs of Moher, just breathing in all the amazingess of my life (had just spent 8 weeks traveling Western Europe) and I thought, “how could my life ever get better than this?”  Two minutes later, the clouds parted just in time for us to watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.  I still look back on that moment as one of the best of my life.

When I sat there and wondered about that moment getting any better, I thought, “no way, not possible, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and maybe the happiest anyone anywhere has ever been.”  The Universe had been listening and took that as a challenge.  In lightly sweeping those clouds away, the Universe responded, “You’re not sure if this moment can get better?  Watch this.”


How can it ever get better than this?? I have no idea but I’m excited to find out!

*I was taught this little trick by the amazing Alexandra Kavanah of AQUAMANTRA

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