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The app for that

March 10, 2014

Ok so I talked a lot of shit about our obsession with technology in the last post, so I wanted to tell this story, give credit to the technology, and “out” myself as a techie-nerd iPhone-lover as well as the earth-mother nature-appreciator that I am.

Last weekend, a friend and I were sitting outside a cafe as the sunny afternoon turned into evening.  We were half-a-block up from the art gallery Fifty24SF and I had read about an art opening there that night.

It wasn’t displayed on a flyer, I didn’t read about it in a newspaper under “art openings.”  I knew about this art opening because I read about it online.  And I didn’t just read about it online – I read about it on Instagram.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (2)

My mom is reading that (and you may be too) thinking “I have no idea what she’s talking about.”  My mom never learned about something and grew to love it because of a photo sharing social application on her phone.  That sentence didn’t even exist not that long ago!

I knew about this art opening, and most of the background behind it, because I follow David Choe on Instagram.

photo (7)So as my friend and I walked around the tiny gallery that night, I found myself explaining the show’s backstory to him… that David Choe is a famous artist and the works on the wall were by his mom Jane and his buddy Critter.

And as more and more information came out of my mouth I realized that the only reason I knew any of the things I was saying was because of an application I downloaded to my cell phone.

I love the underground(ish) art scene happening all around me, and am grateful for Instagram for giving me a closer peak inside it.

photo 2 (2)@davidchoe @sylviaji @rekaone @osgemeos

photo 1 (3)@upperplayground @mr_aryz @einesigns @samagram12

So I just have to be clear – while I am genuinely embarrassed and concerned by how addicted my generation is to our cell phones, I am still very grateful for the richness it has brought into my life.

And let’s not overlook that I was able to create both of those collage-pictures and load them to this blog in a matter of minutes purely thanks to apps on an iPhone.

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  1. My mom said “you were right, I had no idea what you’re talking about…. I wanted to leave a comment but I didn’t know how”

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