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be patient, please

May 23, 2014

Sitting in my seat on the plane, waiting to fly to LA. There’s construction on the runway at SFO, and Virgin sent out an email trying to prepare us delicate travelers for possible delays. And guess what? We’re delayed. 15-minute delay to board, and now a 20-minute delay to take-off.

At the 20-minute delay announcement, the entire flight responded in unison with an entitled and impatient “UGH” (present company included).

I texted my friend who’s picking me up to update her and complain and heard more “ugh!s” and “come ON!s” from the seats behind me.

At that moment my heart rate slowed and I realized I’d rather sit here gratefully on this coolly-lit air conditioned plane watching Bravo, then sit here impatiently, pissed that I had to text my friend AGAIN with a different landing time.

Ok, so our flight’s delayed a bit. Look around – you’re sitting in leather chairs, the AC is blowing, and you have endless amounts of media in front of you for entertainment. Think of how much worse your situation could be and be grateful for the extra time to enjoy the one we’re in (but seriously, can we take off already?!?!).

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  1. Greetings… We made an exchange of gifts (Be Grateful Please and soften yur heart…heal the world…) at Jack London Square Open Studio last weekend. I found my way to your website this evening or rather morning. I love what you wrote as your plane was delayed. We chose, consciously or unconsciously, which is habit, the meaning we give to things via our thoughts and our experience of a situation rolls out from that. I just read a book I think you might enjoy. The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill. It is only 136 pages so it is a quick read that can take a lifetime…

    Many blessings, Gretchen

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