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Replace it with gratitude.

August 8, 2014

I recently repainted a table that my sister bought for her 6th grade class.  She loved being able to let her students sit outside sometimes, to work on whatever they were working on.  But then one night a local kid decided to tag up her school with bright orange spray paint, and leave this message on her table:



For those of you that don’t recognize the pre-pubescent artwork, that’s a representation of the artist’s penis, to-scale I’m sure. He loves it!

Anyway, obviously my sister’s table had to go live in the custodian’s storage closet after this, and my sister was bummed.

She’s always been a big fan and supporter of the “be grateful (please)” project and so one night I offered (or she asked me.. who can remember) to paint over it with “be grateful.”

photo (62)


Much better 🙂

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