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April 17, 2020

*I’m writing this as someone who hasn’t (yet, at least, fingers crossed) been directly impacted by the health consequences of the coronavirus. My job is in tact and I can work from home. I recognize my privilege in all of that.

The skies are more clear than they’ve ever been. Everywhere. I live in Los Angeles where that has made a noticeable difference.

When I go on walks, I’m blown away by how vibrant and beautiful everything is. Either I’m appreciating the little things more, because all there is is little things now. Or there is literally a visible change because the new clear air quality makes the sun shine differently on the trees. My guess is it’s both.

Tonight I was struck by the idea that not only the skies are getting clearer. I feel like the smog has been cleared from our metaphorical vision as well (well, from some of ours).

All of a sudden people are realizing what is important to them and the rest is dropping away. The world shutting down around us has allowed space for a powerful light of clarity to blast through. I personally feel blinded to things that don’t serve me anymore. I realize what’s important. To me.

Supporting others. A daily self-care routine. Honoring connection over safety (ok well not right now, this is a nod to my lack of a relationship b/c I’ve always been so afraid of getting hurt). Connecting with my family. Thinking of how to make the people I love feel special. Surrendering control. Trusting that my life is exactly as it should be, for my highest good. Honoring a place of not knowing. Blogging. Painting. And going to sleep when I’m tired.

Good night, I love you.

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