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people are nice, love is everywhere

February 4, 2012

Tonight I sat next to a smiling, humming 90-something year old woman, and a 40-something year old man sat in front of us.

Around 7th and Market she asked us where Bart was. He and I talked her through it, then to each other about the best place for her, in her delicate tiny body, to get off the bus. He says something about all the construction, then concern over where she’ll get a ticket.

Resolved, he says to this woman he’s never met, “you need to get on Bart mama?” She nods. “I’ll get off with you and we’ll go together.” Smiling but confused she asks him, in her heavy Russian (?) accent, “are you? Going to Bart?”

He pauses then responds that he is. Laughing now, she looks up at me, so pleased to have found this strong, kind helper. “It’s your lucky day!” I say to her, knowing in my heart he had not been headed to Bart 2 minutes ago. People are nice, love is everywhere.

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