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On the road to somewhere

September 16, 2012

I’m back from Burning Man, year 2.  I took a few days extra vacation, then went back to the job I’ve had for the past 3 years and worked my final two days there.  I said my goodbyes and then said hello to one week off. No job. Closed one chapter and had 7 days to reflect on the story I’d just read, and  then look forward to the one about to start.

I didn’t do much.  I cleaned out my room, donated clothes, bought a new duvet cover and realigned my feng shui.  I also watched all 5 seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix.  The one plan I made in advance and committed to was taking a solo drive on Sunday, today, the last day of my rare in-between-jobs week-long moment.

When I was in college and needed a moment to soak up the glory that was my life, I’d go perch myself in front of the ocean with a camera and a journal.  And I have so much to be grateful for now that I knew it would take as much space as the ocean to bring all those things into mind and soak. them. up.  Car, music, ocean, journal.  A moment of reflection in a big way.

Today I walked to the Audi Zipcar I treated myself with for the day (a sunroof was a crucial part of the plan) and climbed in, not sure exactly where I’d end up.  I opened the sunroof, rolled down all the windows, plugged my phone in and turned on Spotify… loudly.

I stopped at a Walgreens after driving about 45 minutes and bought a new journal and a pen. There had been several spots to pull off and look at the ocean by that point in the drive but I hadn’t felt compelled to stop just yet.  While getting the journal I started wondering if I’d passed the “perfect” spot and started questioning where I would to end up.

But I kept going the same direction and kept my eyes peeled for “the spot.”  I stopped wondering if I’d passed it up and trusted that I was still on my way there.  I pulled into a beach that I remember going to with my family as a kid, thinking maybe that was my fated spot.  But alas, you needed to pay to park and I didn’t have cash (shocker).

After I U-turned out of there, I grew impatient and told myself I needed to stop. My reservation with the Zipcar was going to require I turn around and head back home soon so the time was now.

I pulled into the next turnoff and noticed that there were no other cars.  Good sign already.  I grabbed the journal and a pen and headed towards the edge of the cliff in front of me.

And saw this:


Oh hello Universe.  I thought I’d find you today.  Thanks for letting me know you’re here with me.  Good point, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and keep trusting you’re on my side.

I’m so ready for this next phase of the journey and so grateful for the road that brought me here.

Hello. I love you.

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