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Inspired by the inspired.

January 6, 2015

My sister Katie just called to tell me all about the meeting her 9-year old son Aiden scheduled with his elementary school principal to propose that I come to his school and paint a really big “be grateful” on one of it’s walls.  My sister set up the initial meeting at Aiden’s request and then he did all the rest.

He told his principal that I put be grateful everywhere in all sorts of ways (drawing, painting, writing, stickers), and that I like reminding people that they should be grateful, and that the kids at his school should really be grateful.  She said he remembered so many details and parts of the story that even she’d forgotten.  Our damn determined little Aiden is paying damn attention!

The principal said yes immediately and immediately they starting setting rules and making plans.  The principal went out today to get wood and Aiden declared that it should NOT be in cursive because then some of the little kids wouldn’t be able to read it.  He’d broken that news to me last week anyway, so I was prepared for that 😉

Here’s what my sister left on my voicemail (which I described to her as “the best voicemail I’ve ever received.” Hands down. Ever.):

I just wanted to tell you how amazing and cute Aiden was explaining this to his principal, and how excited he was to bring you into his school and share you with other people.

So I love you, and thank you for inspiring my children, and being awesome.

This has already become one of my favorite projects with my absolute new favorite power trifecta.  Good job sister. High five us.

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